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zero's world

Pixel art of my calico cat, Lilo, grooming herself.
↑ that is my cat irl, her name is lilo
you enter the proper of a small space station. no overhead lighting is on - the room is lit by a multitude of led strips, lava lamps, and decorative lanterns carved from exotic space rocks. the air smells strongly of incense and a calico looks at you judgementally from her perch on an armchair.

a figure emerges from the depths of the room, wearing what looks to be an outfit that looks like it was straight from the set of 1998 movie Half Baked...

...Hello! i'm zero and i live on this hunk of space scrap. what can i do you for today? :D

about this site

i started my internet journey as a kid on neopets, deviantart, and gaiaonline. i now spend most of my time online on tumblr and twitter.

i created this site as an homage to the webpages i browsed in my childhood, and it now serves as a place online to express myself without limitations

hope you enjoy!

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