why manuls is a cool animal

The Manul is an animal. It is also called the Pallas Cat.

This is a small, furry animal. It is a carnivore from the family Felidae. It lives mainly in China and Mongolia, and more generally in Central Asia.

cool things about the manul

Manul pixel This cat may look big, but in reality it's just fluffy. It's about the size of a house cat and weighs around 10 pounds. Recording of manul from Higashiyama Park chittering. The caption says it's likely he spotted a bird. I've found many manuls in captivity to be very vocal.
Manul pixel It has the longest and densest fur of any cat.
Manul pixel Its winter coat is grey, long and fluffy, while its summer coat is shorter and brown. This helps camoflage in the plains.
Manul pixel As part of the Otoclobus genus, they're one of the few cats to have round pupils. The others are Panthera, Puma, Herpailurus, and Acinonyx.
Manul pixel It can't run very well due to its short legs, so when it spots danger, it hides in rocks or crevices or presses itself flat to the ground and pretends to be a boulder.
Manul pixel Its diet mostly consists of pikas (see right )
From Wikimedia
Manul pixel While most cats have triangular ears that stand up, the manul has flat ears that allow it to better mimic smooth boulders
Manul pixel Its Latin name, "Otocolobus Manul" means "ugly-eared"
Manul pixel It can sit still for hours in the snow while camouflaging (see right )
From Wildlife Instincts: Pallas's Cat - Master of the Plains
Manul pixel It has really long hair that makes it look like a boulder.
Manul pixel It camouflages by pretending to be a boulder

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