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If you're a reader of Delicious in Dungeon, you might glean that this is a page dedicated to the pairing of Kabru and Laius Touden. (Or Laios Thorden, depending on how you spell it.) If not, well, you've just learned.

⚠ Warning: Heavy spoilers lie ahead up until chapter 82 of Dungeon Meshi.

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At a glance

Before we get into how they interact with each other, let's start by taking an overall look at how Laius and Kabru compare and contrast to become narrative foils.

The fact that they are foils is stated explicitly in The Adventurer's Bible.

Kabru's entry, The Adventurer's Bible


Let's take a look at how differently they react to certain situations, and how their behaviour later ends up mirroring the other's.

Chapter 36

The above panel does a good job at highlighting the contrast between their personalities. Laius is outwardly enthusiastic, talking about something he loves without considering that Kabru might be judging him in secret. Kabru on the other hand, is completely hiding his true feelings and intentions and is actually judging Laius in secret. He cares very much about keeping up appearances and making connections, exemplified in the following panel where Holm thinks "He really will do anything to get people to trust him."

Chapter 38

It should be pointed out that Kabru's desire to get closer to Laius is so strong that he ignores the social stigma of eating monsters in front of everyone else in the room (Shuro's party mainly). Though to be fair it's not clear to what degree eating monsters is stigmatized.

Attitudes toward physical touch

Chapter 34
Chapter 32

Laius and Kabru's attitudes toward casual physical touch couldn't be more different. While Laius is uncomfortable touching Marcille even to practice healing, Kabru kisses Rin as a tactic to prevent her from casting a spell. (He is a bisexual chad.)


Despite their contrast, Laius and Kabru mirror many of each others characteristics and are more similar as people than either of them might expect.

Chapter 33

Kabru, despite being much more charismatic than Laius, is actually called creepy by Mickbell for his enthusiasm about people, just as Laius is called creepy for his enthusiasm about monsters.


Kabru getting distracted from the conversation to analyze Laius as a person (Chapter 38)
Laius getting distracted from the conversation to analyze monsters

During different points in the manga, they each get distracted during their conversation to focus on their personal interests, and even show the same physical mannerisms.

Kabru is so obsessed with Laius it's hilarious

This may be a bold claim but I would say Kabru's obsession with Laius nears the greats of LawLight or NaruSasu.

Kabru's conversation with Mithrun

Chapter 62
Kabru listens to Mithrun's long-winded explanation of his backstory, and is caught off guard when Mithrun asks who he's speaking about. Kabru is speaking about Laius. Not only is his first instinct when faced with information about the demons that power dungeons to relay this information to Laius, indicating the large amount of time and/or brain power he dedicates to Laius, but he's caught off guard by this when it's pointed out to him.
Chapter 62

Kabru confronting the Canaries vs. confronting Laius

Kabru, who confidently confronted an entire room of Canaries in chapter 45, stumbles over his words as he tries to explain the dungeon's power to Laius in chapter 72. (Below)

This could be partially because Kabru grew up with elves, but he hasn't been shown to get anywhere near as flustered when speaking with anyone but Laius.

Chapter 62
Chapter 76

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Chapter 37
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