Blood moon eclipse Halo of the sun from Silent Hill nipple! Stickman pointing gun and saying You must die
Chuck E Cheese logo with the text Sponsored by Chuck E Cheese under it Moonset Alice in Chains logo Outer space
Stitch from Lilo and Stitch animation Three maneki neko I'm a monkey lover stamp with monkeys hanging off the top of the frame. An emote character is giving one monkey a banana Garfield slamming down a cup of coffee with a crazed expression Shiba Inu wrapped in a blanket like a burrito Picture of Claude from Fire Emblem with the text 'Claude is arguably hot' overlaid Nature is fucking beautiful Shiba inu playing with water spraying from a hose Reigen from Mob Psycho 100 slicking his hair back animation Mordecai and Rigby from Regular Show mocking someone Ukrainian flag Galar form Meowth from Pokemon Animation of a Deviantart emote feeding a raccoon garbage with the text 'I'm a raccoon lover' overlaid I'm a rat lover stamp with an emote rubbing rats on itself Alcoholic Bugs Bunny at a bar I support Earth and all its creatures Don't put lizards in your ears Cityscape seen through rain on a window animation Animation of rain with the text 'I love rainy days' overlaid Animation of twinkling stars with the text 'I love stars' overlaid Superb Bird of Paradise doing mating dance I'm an owl lover stamp featuring an emote looking at two owls near it Stamp reading 'I love tsunderes' Pop art woman saying GAY PEOPLE! Picture of Sanrio's Cinnamoroll with the text 'Cinnamoroll fan' overlaid Spongebob kissing Squidward through glass Picture of Garfield with a thought bubble reading 'Time to NUKE OHIO' Picture of Dimitri from Fire Emblem with the text 'I love you king.....' overlaid I'm a star gazer Animation of a moon surrounded by twinkling stars with the text 'I love sleeping' overlaid Pixel animation of a fish tank containing a goldfish Animation of a moon and twinkling stars over a cityscape with the text 'I love to stay up late' overlaid Stamp reading 'I want to make your life miserable' Bisexual flag with the text 'Bisexual' overlaid Baby blue and baby pink gradient with the text 'Nobody hates me more than I hate me' overlaid Purple-tinted moon reflected in water animation Stamp reading 'I am a SENSITIVE person' Lilac stamp reading 'I'm a sick fuck' Vaporwave aesthetic stamp reading 'mom what's vaporwave' Stamp showing the album art of Lauren Bousfield's 'Avalon Vales' album Don't call me stupid, that ain't the way my name is pronounced Pink-tinted knives overlaid with pixel hearts and sparkles, surrounded by a rainbow stamp border I'm a lizard lover stamp featuring lizard crawling all over an emote character Aceflux pride flag with the text 'Aceflux' overlaid Stamp reading 'Borderline Personality Disorder' Screenshot of a message chain reading 'oh yeah me leans' 'mr krabs*' 'wtf' Iwakura Lain looking into the camera Picture of Alan Resnick with the text 'Alan Resnick' overlaid I love my DS overlaid on a stamp shaped like a DS Neopets logo on a pink background 5 pink Pokeballs with text reading 'I love Pokemon!' below them Pink stamp with lace accents reading 'You can HATE people' Pink stamp reading 'DEATH DEATH STAB STAB DEATH HATE HATE FUCK DIE HATE HATE FUCK YOU FUCK' Sunset over a city Pink bokeh with the text 'Yandere' surrounded by hearts overlaid Stamp reading 'Asshole with feelings' Stamp reading 'Insufferable bastard' Stamp reading 'Weird mood swings!' in the Fairly Odd Parents eyecatch font Stamp reading 'You should stop breathing' I Heart Purugly Clouds in a blue sky animation Snow falling in a forest animation Picture of 6 Tamagotchi characters lined up along the bottom of the stamp with the Tamagotchi logo above them I have migraines Footage of a drive through the snow Take care of your pets or don't get them Rainbow in a blue sky Rainbow-tinted full moon Rainbow-tinted Spongebob Animated rainbow-cycling laughing smiley on a rainbow-cycling background with the text 'I laugh at everything' overlaid Animated stamp reading 'nihilist' in Comic Sans on a rainbow-cycling background Stamp reading 'I wanna hang myself' on a pastel rainbow background with animated rainbow sparkles Animation of a cartoon cat falling infinitely with a rainbow brick background animated behind him to show his fall. A yellow smiley face is in the bottom right corner. Text reading 'So far so good' is above the cat. Nekojiru characters freaking out

Blinkie reading 'I just don't like you.' Blinkie reading 'Just leave me alone' She who must be obeyed Blinkie reading 'Next mood swing...6 minutes' Blinkie reading 'I heart revenge' PINGAS! Click the monkey game. You win NOTHING! If only men could be as satisfying as chocolate Heat kills - No pets left in cars And I should care... Why? Blinkie of a line of cats! Reality is the leading cause of stress I don't know what makes you so dumb, but it really works Spare me the details! I swing both ways! Blinkie reading 'Sometimes, I just want to scream.' A teddybear is shown on the left. Blinkie showing the Teletubbies captioned Evil comes in all forms I'm a Sagittarius I used to have superpowers but my therapists took them away Blinkie reading 'I beat animal abusers'

Oscillating text reading 'Delusional' Oscillating text reading 'Dead Inside' Oscillating text reading 'Borderline'

Userbox reading 'This user is dead. There is no need to check back later.' Userbox reading 'This user isn't a user. Do not engage.' Userbox showing Crash Bandicoot, reading 'WHOA' over and over. This user knows that to defeat the cyberdemon, they must shoot at it until it dies. This user knows that Aardvarks never did anyone any harm. Userbox showing the guy from vine who's name I don't know, reading 'This user's mom isn't fam anymore. This user is adopted. This user's dad is gay with Mark. This user's parents are getting a divorce. This user is dying. Just dying.' Userbox showing the doge meme, reading 'This user misses the doge meme.' This user is addicted to ellipses and has been known to use them indiscriminately... This user has never been to Fucking Austria This user is proudly made of 100% recycled matter This user doesn't understand the human lifestyle This user loves recursion This user believes it is destiny that you saw their user page Userbox reading 'This user loves the night sky' over a background of the night sky. This users wants to eat all of taco bells inventory including the employees Userbox showing the Pokemon logo for steel type monsters, reading 'This user loves steel types.' This user is a walking contradiction This user has past lives Userbox showing a pixel cityscape, reading 'This user enjoys overcast weather.' This user likes and loves and is attracted by the cuteness of the mole This user knows that only you can prevent forest fires. Smokey the bear is on the left.

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