about me

name: zero
pronouns: he/they
age: 26

find me: spotify

special interests: sociology (especially social inequality, drug use, and violence), psychology, animal care

i am a marxist and leninist

underlined = currently into

video games: victoria iii,cookie run ovenbreak, disco elysium, project zomboid, fire emblem three houses & hopes, darkest dungeon, hades, the world ends with you, dwarf fortress, animal crossing, lobotomy corporation, pokemon, fallout new vegas & 4, stardew valley, va-11 hall-a, roller coaster tycoon, civilization, age of mythology, elona

music: frank sinatra, alice in chains, TIGERCUB, fiona apple, björk, hole, deftones, weezer, glass animals, lauren bousfield/nero's day at disneyland, $waggot

shows: the boys, iasip, futurama, arrested development, smiling friends, spongebob, the simpsons

anime and manga: jujutsu kaisen, golden kamuy, dungeon meshi, my hero academia, my broken mariko

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