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after the storm


a bittersweet but upbeat playlist about bpd aggressive, the more maniacal aspect of bpd. i'm sure i made this while i was in a bad mood
favorite song - after the storm favorite song - flex

I am this close 👌


i made this while i was pissed at my dad i'm ok now though 👍 for chilling 😎
favorite song - galaxie favorite song - test & recognize

songs to get me out of a depressive episode

sylvain vibes

exactly what it says on the tin my sylvain kinnie playlist
favorite song - gross favorite song - habits (stay high)

ship playlists

i'll drown when i see you

i will be waiting here for you

dimileth - chronicles the spark of their relationship igniting before the start of the war and byleth's feelings about the dimitri becoming deranged post-timeskip thanzag - a very melancholy playlist i compiled while i was working on a pining thanatos fic. thanatos-centric
favorite song - JDNT favorite song - wildest wind

my burning effigy

riddlebat - i made this before i saw the 2022 movie but it still stands. riddler-centric
favorite song - burning effigies