neuralblender experiments

these are the results of my prompts for neuralblender - a neural network that generates images based on text prompts.

mouse over the images to enlarge them!

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monkeying aroundmonkeying around yaoiyaoi clown powderclown powder clown particlesclown particles
quantum clownsquantum clowns ground clownground clown thomas the tank engine camoflague tarantula clown ballsthomas the tank engine camoflague tarantula clown balls clown townclown town
clown cityclown city bustling clown citybustling clown city evil fun fairevil fun fair insane clown posseinsane clown posse
clown narcoticsclown narcotics premium clown powderpremium clown powder beautiful clownbeautiful clown clown virusclown virus
clown microbeclown microbe perfume manperfume man clown lasagnaclown lasagna clown manulclown manul
funny manulfunny manul evil manulevil manul evil kitchenevil kitchen evil nightmare living roomevil nightmare living room
evil bedroomevil bedroom evil nightmare dimension bedroomevil nightmare dimension bedroom evil teaevil tea evil hospitalevil hospital
gloomy citygloomy city gloomy rainy daygloomy rainy day sad rainy daysad rainy day evil demon computerevil demon computer
evil beaverevil beaver evil catevil cat evil caterpillarevil caterpillar time dilationtime dilation
quantum entanglementquantum entanglement positronium atompositronium atom manul atommanul atom evil internetevil internet
clown friendsclown friends clown enemiesclown enemies clown mushroomclown mushroom clown mushroom (second attempt)clown mushroom (second attempt)
clown animalclown animal