Zero, Webmaster
Zero likes manuls for their rotundness, cats for their aloofness, chinchillas for their fur, centipedes for their viciousness, crows for their intelligence, lynxes for their ear tufts, mantises for their grasping legs, apes for their similarity to humans, raccoons for their mischief, rats for their friendliness, and the sound of grunge rock. When possible, they prefer to consume nacho fries and Dr. Pepper.
They have a great affinity for language, great analytical abilities and a great spacial sense, but they have very little patience, poor empathy, and a poor ability to manage or understand social relationships.
They hold nature to be of greater value than most aspects of civilization, find the quest for knowledge to be of the very highest value, really respect those that take the time to master a skill, value independence, greatly respect artists and their works, find the following of tradition foolish and limiting, greatly respect the shrewd and guileful and do not respect the law.
They are bored by reality and would rather disappear utterly and forever into a world of made-up fantasy. Their mood changes frequently and without warning. They find the humor in most situations. They are obsessed with order and structure in their own life, with everything kept in its proper place. They are greatly moved by art and natural beauty. They dream of petting a manul.