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This guide is for those new to Cookie Run: Ovenbreak who are interested in the metagame and competitive play. I will explain important parts of the game not covered by the in-game tutorial.

If you haven't played the tutorial, I recommend you do so as it explains all the basics of the game well.

First steps

After completing the tutorial, you will be sent to the first story map.

Cookie run story mode

CROB's story mode stages must be completed in order, and rewards will be obtained based on your score in each stage. In the above screenshot, you can see you'll obtain 500x of Gingerbrave for 1 star, 500x of Choco Drop for 2 stars, and 700,000 coins for all 3 stars. If you earn more than 1 star you'll get the rewards for lower tiers too.

The 4th "Bonus Mission" reward is only awarded if you run with the bonus combi - in this case Gingerbrave and Choco Drop. You can tap the bonus combi under the "Bonus Mission" text to bring up the option to equip it.


After you complete the first stage, you'll see a notification pop up on the "Quests" button on the left side of the screen.

Cookie run story mode

Tap it to access the Quests screen.

CROB quests screen

The Quests screen shows all available quest sets. Quests get to to complete certain in-game goals for rewards.

There are 3 types of quests: main mission, diary, and just quests.

Main mission quests are related to the story and you'll complete them as you play more story chapters.

Diary quest sets are refreshed every month with CROB's big monthly updates, and 3 types of diary quests are available - daily, weekly, and monthly. Daily quests reset every day, and so on. Diary quest rewards reset monthly, so if you didn't get the diary reward you wanted the month it was available, you won't be able to claim it next month. For example, if you missed buying a pet egg in January's diary shop, you won't have 2 eggs available to buy next month, only the 1 sold in February.

CROB diary shop

There are 3 levels of diary shop prizes available, and you unlock higher tiers by earning a certain number of total diary gems that month. For example, if you've earned a total 4,000 diary gems in January, level 2 prizes will be available to you even if you spent 1,500 gems on the pet egg from level 1. Finally, the diary shop is one of the few places in the game you can buy treasures directly and not roll for them through gacha.

The last type of quest is plain old quests. These are categorized into Cookies & Pets, Trophy Race, and Treasures quests.

CROB quests

These are mostly related to levelling your combis and competitive play. Every 10-20 quests you get a milestone reward such as the pictured 500 crystals.


The lobby shows you lots of important information.

CROB lobby Your active cookie is in the middle of the screen. Once a day, they'll give you a gift of your choice (I recommend taking rainbow cubes as they're rare), and you can tap on them and give them a gift to raise their affection. Raising affection increases skill activation points.

From the top left to the bottom right: