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This guide is for those new to Cookie Run: Ovenbreak who are interested in the metagame and competitive play. I will explain important parts of the game not covered by the in-game tutorial.

If you haven't played the tutorial, I recommend you do so as it explains all the basics of the game well.

First steps

After completing the tutorial, you will be sent to the first story map.

Cookie run story mode

CROB's story mode stages must be completed in order, and rewards will be obtained based on your score in each stage. In the above screenshot, you can see you'll obtain 500x of Gingerbrave for 1 star, 500x of Choco Drop for 2 stars, and 700,000 coins for all 3 stars. If you earn more than 1 star you'll get the rewards for lower tiers too.

The 4th "Bonus Mission" reward is only awarded if you run with the bonus combi - in this case Gingerbrave and Choco Drop. You can tap the bonus combi under the "Bonus Mission" text to bring up the option to equip it.


The lobby shows you lots of important information.

CROB lobby Your active cookie is in the middle of the screen. Once a day, they'll give you a gift of your choice (I recommend taking rainbow cubes as they're rare), and you can tap on them and give them a gift to raise their affection. Raising affection increases skill activation points.


Different gifts will affect a cookie's affection differently. Other cookies' magic candy ingredients are usually the best gifts. Look at the relationship chart of the cookie who's affection you are trying to raise and note which characters they have a "friendly," "trust," or "admiration" relationship toward. The magic candy ingredient of those characters will give +15 affection when gifted to your cookie.
Potato cookie has a "trust" relationship with Carrot cookie. Giving Potato cookie Carrot's magic candy ingredient (Mini Carrot Trowel) will raise his affection by +15.

Game Modes: